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  Havana City Restaurants


Havana offers a great choice of restaurants and specialties. You will find many options ranging from open-air restaurants to grills or gourmet gourmet restaurants proposing exquisite recipes to the finest palates. Many of the restaurants are located in ancient colonial mansions, thus providing the chance of tasting their dishes in a historical environment filled with the charm of the memories enclosed by their walls. You will also find restaurants having the typical style of Cuban folklore, displaying generally half-opened thatch roofs allowing to enjoy the agreeable climate lasting all year round in this city.

In Havana, even though there are restaurants in mostly every neighborhood, one can consider several zones where there is a higher concentration of them.

Old Havana where you can discover the narrow historical streets and at the same time make a stop to have lunch or dinner in an ancient plaza like those of the Cathedral or the Capitanes Generales. You may also savor excellent recipes in quite renowned restaurants such as La Bodeguita del Medio and The Floridita (both frequented a few decades ago by Ernest Hemingway).

China Town offering, as the name tells us, essentially Asian cuisine.

The Vedado, a very extended, recent, and dynamic neighborhood, mostly during the evening, where a great deal of restaurants, near cabarets and bars, provide us with their varied offers. You may have dinner enjoying a splendid panorama from above the lighted city at the La Torre restaurant, savor the highly varied dishes of La Casona de 17, or, submerged in a 19th Century environment, dream of past splendors at the Restaurant 1830 having gardens facing the sea.

Miramar, having a lower density, but a very selected offer and a quiet and charming ambiance, owing to the beauty of the old mansions, dating back to the beginning of the last century, that characterize this part of Havana. Good restaurants are not hard to find; examples are Don Cangrejo, facing the ocean and specialized in seafood; the shopping and restaurant center Dos Gardenias housing three restaurants: an Italian one, an Asian one, and a Caribbean grilland just by its side the famous El Aljibe restaurant, specialized in cuban cuisine. In Miramar, you will also find a Japanese restaurant: El Tocororo and the Bistrot Berlin, serving its specialty german traditional cuisine.

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Criolla cuisine
• La bodeguita del medio

The famous restaurant that ernest hemingway visited ,whose walls are decorated with signatures of celebrities and unknown people, offers you its famous 'mojitos' as well as its 'criolla' food.
Empedrado # 207. la Habana Vieja. 867 1374

• Club de golf habana

The golf field provides this restaurant with a green and fresh touch to its 'criolla' food.
Carretera. Vento, km. 8. Capdevila. Rancho Boyeros. 55 8746 / 47

• Restaurante hanoi

It offers 'criolla' and vietnamese food in a house declared world heritage site.
Bernaza y Teniente Rey. la Habana Vieja. 867 1029

• Los doce apóstoles

Situated above the morro castle facing the entry of the port of havana, serves 'criolla' and international food.
Complejo Morro-Cabaña. la Habana del Este. 860 9990

• La casona de 17

Barbecued meat and chicken and rise in a particularly aesthetic house.
17 #60 e/ M y N. el Vedado. 33 4529

• Las palmeras de tallapiedra

A typical cuban ranch which offers 'criolla' food.
Tallapiedra, e/ Alambique y Diaria. la Habana Vieja. 862 8349

• El colonial

It offers traditional cuban food changing its offer depending on the season.
Hotel Inglaterra. Prado y San Jose. la Habana Vieja. 860 8595

• El Ranchon de quinta y 16

A restaurant with a typical appearance with a thatched roof offers traditional food.
5ta. ave. y 16. Miramar. 204 79 75

• El Aljibe

Restaurant known for its main dish, 'el pollo al algibe' (chicken) made with a lemon sauce. you can eat it in a natural and countrified atmosphere thanks to its traditional design characterised by a thatched roof.
ave. 7ma. e/ 24 y 26. Miramar. 204 1583

• La ferminia

Enjoy the best of the cuban and international food in an old house, including the services of the first cuban sommelier woman with an excellent selection of wines.
5ta. ave. e/ 182 y 184. Miramar. 33 6786

• 1830 restaurante bar

In a nineteenth - century construction with charming gardens characterized by a chinese style proposes cuban and international food.
Malecon #1252 y 20. el Vedado. 55 3090 /92

• Mi hacienda guanabito

Delicious 'criolla' food in a restaurant marked by a country style.
Calzada de Justiz km4. Campo Florido. Guanabo. 96 4711-12

• Los naranjos

Enjoy cuban traditional food and international food in a huge neo-colonial house's patio decorated with three orange trees and an old fountain.
La Giraldilla. 222 y 37. la coronela. 33 0568

• El barracón

Inside the famous hotel havana libre , you may find a pleasant place to enjoy the 'criolla' food.
Hotel Habana Libre. L e/ 23 y 25. el Vedado. 55 4011

• El Patio

It is opened facing the 'plaza de la catedral' (cathedral square), that majestic palace with stone columns offers you a nourishing food.
Plaza de la Catedral. la Habana Vieja. 867 1034

• La vicaria

A pleasant place to enjoy the cuban cuisine.
5ta. ave y 182. Playa. 33 9100

• El cubano

Enjoy the view to the sea and also the cuban food.
5ta. ave e/ 454 y 456. Boca Ciega. Guanabo. 96 4061

• Rancho palco

In the middle of a tropical vegetation, it offers an excellent cuban and international cuisine with the possibility of being in an air-conditioned room without losing nature out of your sight.
140 y 19. rpto. Cubanacán. Playa. 208 9346

• Le Select el Manantial

Typical cuban food with a wide offer.
5ta. ave. y 30. Miramar 207 7410/11

• Almendares el lugar

Cuban and international dishes are served in a specially cozy atmosphere.
49 c y 28 a. Reparto Kohly. Playa. 204 4990

• La mina

It offers the best of the 'criolla' cuisine in a house that once belonged to the bishop of havana.
Obispo y Oficios. la habana vieja. 862 0216

• Bodegón Criollo

Situated in the morro - cabaña fortress, it offers you a delicious 'criolla' cuisine, apart from being an ideal place for getting back to memory the eighteenth-century life.
Complejo Morro-Cabaña. la Habana del Este. 862 0617

• Vuelta Abajo

It offers a menu of traditional 'criolla' food in the historic mansion of earl of villanueva.
Casa Conde de Villanueva. Mercaderes #202. la Habana Vieja. 862 9293

• Santo Angel

Tradicional cuban cuisine in a place that once was the colegio pío (pío college) till the end of the ninth century.
Tenienterey y san ignacio. la Habana Vieja. 862 0617

• Los Portales.

It offers cuban cuisine in one of the most centric hotels of la habana vieja (old havana).
Hotel Plaza. Neptuno y Zulueta. la Habana Vieja. 860 8583

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International cuisine
• La roca

In this restaurant marked by an architecture of the 50's, you could enjoy seafood and excellent meats.
21 y M. el Vedado. 33 4501

• Real Plaza

A delicious traditional offer in a hotel across from 'parque central'.
Hotel Plaza. Neptuno y Zulueta. la Habana Vieja. 860 8583

• Café taberna Amigos del Benny

A very old place founded in 1772, the first bar founded by a spaniard in havana.
Mercaderes y Teniente rey. la Habana Vieja. 861 1637

• La Estancia

This restaurant surrounded by nature proposes you an excellent cuisine.
Carretera. Vento, km8. Capdevila. Rancho Boyeros. 55 8746/47

• Café del Oriente

It offers a great selection of dishes and wines in a majestic place marked by the 30's style.
Plaza de San Francisco de Asis. la Habana Vieja. 860 6686

• El Gato Tuerto

Above one of the most famous 'cabarets' of havana, this place invites you to cuban and international cuisine in a romantic atmosphere.
O e/ 17 y19. el Vedado. 66 2224

• La Estancia

It offers international food in the old writer's house, lidia cabrera.
158 y 31. Playa. 33 7835

• L'aiglon

Situated inside thehotel riviera, it offers international cuisine in an environment of the 50's.
Hotel Riviera. Paseo y Malecón. el Vedado. 33 4051

• Jazz Café

One of the most recognized places where jazz is played in a particularly modern architecture offers you good international food in front of the stage.
1ra. y Paseo. el Vedado. 55 3302

• Victoria

A luxurious place with excellent service, international and cuban food.
Hotel Victoria. 19 y M. el Vedado. 33 3510

• Amelia

The decoration of this place is based on amelia peláez's work, a well-known cuban plastic artist. situated across from the hotel melia habana and inside the trade centre of miramar, an ideal place for business lunches.
3ra. ave. e/ 78 y 80. Trade Center. Miramar. 204 7311/12

• El pedregal

With a space wide open and a stone and wood architecture surrounded by water; this place let you enjoy of its offer of international and cuban food in a big air-conditioned room or outdoors at the edge of the channel around it, rooms for feasts are also an option.
Ave. 25 y 198. la Lisa. 33 7830/32

• El café Mercurio

It's part of the 'lonja del comercio' and it offers international food with an excellent service, specialized in vegetarian food.
18 y. 3ra. Miramar. 204 2998

• El Tocororo

Specialized in japanese food. it also offers cuban and international dishes in a pleasant atmosphere.
18 y. 3ra. Miramar. 204 2998

• La cecilia

You can enjoy the good international cuisine in a pleasant place.
18 y. 3ra. Miramar. 204 2998

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Germany cuisine
• Bistro Berlín

Enjoy the authentic german food in one of the newest hotels.
Hotel Lti Panorama, ave. 70 y 3ª. Miramar 20 40100

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Spain cuisine
• Fiesta

Enjoy the spanish cuisine in the maritime environment of ' la marina hemingway' with an excellent service.
Marina Hemingway. 5ta av. Santa Fe 204 1150

• Bodegon onda

If you crave for slices and sausages that typically spanish would satisfy your desires.
Hostal el Comendador. Obrapia y Baratillo la Habana Vieja. 867 1037

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Arabian cuisine
• Al medina

The arabian cuisine in the center of the 'habana vieja' (old havana) and inside what once was a religious college is something amazing. it offers an excellent food in a lovely place.
Oficios e/ Obispo y Obrapia. la Habana Vieja. 867 1041

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Mexican cuisine
• La casa de la tequila

Tacos, tequila, 'guacamole' and omelets facing the sea.
Oficios e/ Obispo y Obrapia. la Habana Vieja. 867 1041

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• La Muralla

Invites you to the traditional chinese cuisine in a lovely place.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 863 2081

• Luna de oro

Right on the chinese boulevard, it offers an excellent cuisine.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 862 2757

• Tien Tan

It offers the most traditional of the chinese culinary art, specialty of 'res al hierro caliente'.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 861 5478

• El flamboyan

This restaurant is characterized by its beautiful decoration. it offers its specialty of 'pollo dorado'(golden chicken) apart from the traditional chinese dishes.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 862 1490

• Toi Sen

An excellent offer for those who look for chinese food in cuba.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana.

• La flor de loto

You may enjoy of the good chinese cuisine generously served in a pleasant place.
Salud no. 13 e/ Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana. 863 5450

• Huang Hu

Traditional chinese cuisine, specialty "pescado huang hu" (fish)
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 861 5254

• Gran Dragon

Traditional cantonese cuisine. it was the first chinese restaurant in havana.
Cuchillo no. 1 e/ zanja y rayo. Centro Habana. 861 5396

• Guang Zhou

Excelent chinese food, specially for its offer of chinese dishes of seafood.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana. 861 5229

• Tong Pou Laug

Traditional chinese cuisine with a nice service.
Zanja y San Nicolás. Centro Habana.

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Asian cuisine
• El Polinesio

Dishes of unique tradition in an unusual place.
enjoy the traditional chinese cuisine in the famous hotel habana libre.
Hotel Habana Libre. l e/ 23 y 25. el Vedado. 55 4011.

• Shanghai (Dos Gardenias)

Situated in the upmarket complex with several restaurants, bars and shops 'dos gardenias'; it offers the traditional asian cuisine in a traditional environment.
Dos Gardenias. 7ma. y 26. Miramar. 204 2353

• Tocororo, Salón Sakura

The havana restaurant which offers traditional dishes of the japanese cuisine.
Restaurante tocororo. 18 y 3ra. miramar. 204 2998

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Italian cuisine
• Bossini

Italian cuisine in a lovely atmosphere.
5ta.a e/ 40 y 42. Miramar. 204 2450

• D'giovanni

It proposes italian cuisine in an eighteenth- century building located in a lively place of the habana vieja.
Tacon # 8. la habana vieja. 867 1027

• La Dominicana

Excellent italian cuisine with a brilliant service.
O´reilly y mercaderes. la habana vieja. 860 2918

• Don Pado

Italian cuisine in a lovely atmosphere.
5ta. ave. y 30. Miramar 204 7410/11

• A Prado y Neptuno

Excellent italian cuisine across from the centric 'paseo del prado'.
Prado y Neptuno. Centro Habana. 860 9636

• Don Alfredo

The real italian cuisine accompaigned by the works of the painter, bonachea.
Hotel Lti Panorama, ave. 70 y 3ª. Miramar 20 40100

• La Piazza

Excellent dishes of the italian cuisine, a place decorated with photos of the great moments of baseball in cuba.
Hotel Melia Cohiba. Paseo e/ 1ra. y 3ra. el Vedado. 33 3636

• La Scala

Excellent italian cuisine in one of the most pleasant hotels of the capital.
Hotel Melia Habana. ave. 3ra. e/ 76 y 80. Miramar. 204 8500

• La Cova, Miramar

Enjoy an outdoor delicious italian cuisine as you take advantage of the tropical climate.
Ave. 3ra y 46. Miramar. 204 4056

• La cova, marina hemingway

In one of the edges of the channels of the 'marina hemingway', good italian and international cuisine is served.
Marina Hemingway. 5ta ave. santa fe. 204 6969

• La pergola

Enjoy the italian cuisine in a lovely place.
Club Almendares 49 c y 28 a. Reparto Kohly. Playa 204 4990

• Panne e Vino

A varied offer of italian cuisine in a lovely place.
Dos Gardenias. 7ma. y 26. Miramar. 204 2353

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• Club Habana

Excellent cuisine in a well-decorated and selected restaurant.
Club Habana: 5ta. ave. e/ 188 y 192. Playa. 204 5700 / 04

• Abanico de Cristal

Enjoy with pleasure the delicious dishes that one of the best restaurants in la habana offered.
Hotel Melia Cohiba. Paseo e/ 1ra. y 3ra. el Vedado

• Comedor de Aguiar

Enjoy an excellent cuisine in one of the most luxurious hotels of 'la habana'.
Hotel Nacional. o y 21.el Vedado. 33 3564/ 67

• La Bella Cubana

Enjoy delicious dishes of the international and cuban cuisine in the most tropical hotel of la habana.
Hotel Melia Habana. ave. 3ra. e/ 76 y 80. Miramar. 204 8500

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Fish and seafood
• La Divina Pastora

Enjoy the seafood offer near the morro castle facing the bay of la habana.
Complejo Morro-Cabaña. la Habana del Este. 860 8341

• El Papas

Just in the marine, a good offer of seafood.
Marina Hemingway. 5ta. ave. Santa Fe. 204 1150/56

• La Terraza de Cojímar

Ernest Hemingway used to eat in this restaurant specialized in seashells.
Carretera real y candelaria. cojimar. la habana del este. 93 9232

• Coral negro

Proposes seafood in a nice atmosphere.
Hotel Neptuno Triton. 3ra. y 74. Miramar. 204 1606

• Floridita

Ernest Hemingway was an important client of that place, which still keeps its decoration of the 50's. it offers seafood and the most famous daiquirí of la habana.
Monserrate y Obispo. la Habana Vieja. 867 1300

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Dinners and Shows
• Habana cafe

A place particularly decorated with objects of the 50's , including a plane and a harley davidson and some others. this place offers international food with a complete show.
Hotel melia cohiba. paseo e/ 1ra. y 3ra . el vedado. 33 3636

• Copa room

Enjoy a good meal and a live show.
Disfrute de una buena comida y del show en vivo.
Hotel riviera .Paseo y Malecón. el Vedado. 33 4051

• El Cortijo

It offers cuban and international food with a show that includes entertainment and music.
Piscina del hotel nacional, los lunes y viernes
a synchronized swimming very aesthetic together with grilled food. Hotel Nacional de Cuba. o y 21. el Vedado. 33 3564/67

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Grilled cuisine
• Parrillada Caribeña

A mainly cuban place with excellent barbecued meats.
Dos Gardenias. 7ma. y 26. Miramar. 204 2353

• La Terraza

With daily performances of the group of traditional cuban music: 'septeto monterrey' and on thursdays and sundays cuban folkloric show, it offers grilled roasted meat and international cuisine.
Hotel inglaterra. Prado y San Jose. la Habana Vieja. 860 8595

• Mirador Habana

All types of meats and grilled lobster with a panoramic view over the capital.
Hotel riviera, Paseo y Malecon, el Vedado. 33 4051


Just a few meters from the beach, an ideal place for enjoying a good barbecued meat.
Cobre e/ 8 y 10. Villa Armonia. Tarará. Habana del Este. 96 1574

• La Terraza

Barbecue and international cuisine in a tropical environment.
Hotel Melia Havana. ave 3ra. e/ 76 y 80. Miramar. 204 8500

• La Brasa

Grilled meats and seafood in front of a swimming pool.
Hotel Meliá Cohiba.Paseo e/ 1ra. y 3ra . el Vedado. 33 3636

• El cubano

An original recipe with the specialty of grilled 'brochetas' (kebab).
5ta ave. e/ 454 y 456. Boca Ciega. Guanabo. 96 4061

• La Ferminia

Apart from the traditional meats, it also proposes its specialty of 'espadas corridas', meatballs and sausages.
5ta ave. y 184. Miramar 33 6555

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• Las Antillas

A buffet with a wide choice.
Hotel Habana Libre. L e/ 23 y 25. el Vedado. 55 4011

• La Cascada

Buffet that offers thematic nights with dishes from different regions of the world.
Hotel Comodoro. av 3ra. y 84. Miramar. 204 5551

• Plaza Habana

One of the best buffets of la habana perfectly supplied with a wide selection of dishes and wines from the whole world.
Hotel Melia Cohiba. Paseo e/ 1ra y 3ra. el Vedado. 33 3636

• Veranda

Buffet accompaigned by good music, selection of international dishes.
Hotel Nacional de Cuba. o y 21. el Vedado. 33 3564/67

• Villa Diana

Invites you to a good selection of international dishes, in what once was the german club of la habana.
49 c y 28 a. Reparto Kohly. Playa 202 7670

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